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If you can no longer attend a session you signed up for, you MUST email shsm@wcdsb.ca
3 school/business days before the training.

Trip privileges may be suspended if you do not follow this procedure.

Semester 2

2 DAYS: Tuesday Feb. 12 & Thursday Feb. 14, 2019
Portfolio Development Training
Button Factory Arts, Waterloo

Your portfolio is an important part of your application to any studio based program. In this intensive workshop we will discuss what makes a strong portfolio, and how to set yourself up for success. Learn some insights and tips on how to make your portfolio stand out.

The workshop will function as a mock interview, individual discussion, group critique and open studio time.

Please bring a selection of your artwork (digital files can be included here) and a sketchbook. Limited computers are available. Please bring your own laptop/tablet if possible (if presenting digital files).

You must attend on both days to earn your certifications!

Training time is from 9:30am-1:30pm.
Lunch is provided.
You will earn 2 elective certifications.


2 DAYS: Tues. Feb. 26 & Wed. Feb. 27, 2019
Graphic Arts & Design Training
Conestoga College

During this 2 day, hands-on workshop, you will learn more about creating graphics and logos. Using Adobe Illustrator, you will use the drawing and tracing tools to create a logo. Using Adobe InDesign, you will learn how to work with text, graphics and layout tools to create a poster for the SHSM program.

You must attend on both days to earn your certifications!

Training runs from 9am-2pm.

Lunch is provided.
You will earn 2 elective certifications.


2 DAYS: Tuesdays April 2 & 9, 2019
Standard First Aid & CPR Level C Training
St. John’s Ambulance, Cambridge

Every employer wants to have a safe worker! Take this certification to learn how to assist other’s when in need. Plus, add it to your resume, as it’ll help you find a part time job! After completing this two day training session you will receive 2 certifications in CPR-C and Standard First Aid.

You must attend on both days to earn your certifications!

Bus leaves at 8:35am and returns by 3:50pm
Training time is from 9:00am-3:30pm on both days
Lunch is provided.

You will earn 2 compulsory certifications.


2 DAYS: April 23 & 24, 2019
Animation Training
SheepDog Animation School, Waterloo

SheepDog Animation is an International Award-Winning Studio (including Disney/Pixar), specializing in 2D, Stop Motion, Classical and 3D Animation. Learn from top industry expert, Alice Sinkner, who graduated from Sheridan College Graduate and went on to illustrate the works of Rugrats, Arthur, Franklin the Turtle and many more.
During this 2 day workshop you will receive an introduction to the animation industry, learn about classical, stop motion, 3D computer animation, augmented reality and children book illustration. You will also divide into groups based on your interest in animation types, and create your own animated movie.

In groups, you will learn about the cameras and software techniques, story-boarding, character modelling, character rotation and much more.

You must attend on both days to earn your certifications!

Training time is from 9:00am-1:30pm.
Lunch is provided.
You will earn 3 elective certifications.


April 2019 (Date TBD)
Attraction & Festival Management Training
Conestoga College, Doon Campus

You will learn how to co-ordinate events by understanding what is needed for short and long term event plans. Remember! This can include everything from fundraising events, music festivals, the Olympics, Oktoberfest and so much more! By taking this training you will learn how to effectively plan and co-ordinate events.

Plus! You will understand how tourism is essential to sport, recreational, leisure and business purposes.

Training time is from 9:00am-2:00pm
Lunch is provided.

You will earn 1 elective certification.

Online Sign Up Date TBD

May 2019
Water colours ‘en plein air’: Training in a Technique
Idea Exchange, Cambridge

Work outside (en plein air) with an artist to discover the landscapes of downtown Cambridge and the Grand River. You will first sketch your surroundings, and then use water colours to bring your art to life. Art supplies provided!

About the Artist: Kari Mullin was born in Norway. She came to Canada in 1989 and works as a visual artist and educator in Cambridge. She has been an instructor for Cambridge galleries, Idea Exchange for 15 years and shares her joy of exploring, discovery and process with her students.

NOTE: You will be outdoors for part of this session. Please dress appropriately for the weather!

Training time is from 9:30am-2:00pm.
You will earn 1 elective certification.
Lunch is provided.

Online Sign Up Date TBD

Take training in your OWN time


!!! SHSM will cover the cost of your CPR Level C & Standard First Aid!!!

1. Contact St. John’s Ambulance below to set up a WEEKEND training session
(Check out their online schedule HERE and select “Standard First Aid with CPR C + AED”.

2. You must inform St. John’s Ambulance:
– your name & school
– you’re a student of the Specialist High Skills Major program
– you’re a student with the Waterloo Catholic School Board
– you need CPR Level C & Standard First Aid

3. Attend training on the date you selected.

4. Once you complete the training, St. John’s Ambulance will notify SHSM,
and we will add it to your SHSM record.


1. Select the online training you’d like to complete from the list below:

2. Email SHSM@wcdsb.ca with your:
– Name, school, major and type of training you’d like to take

3. Wait three days for the activation and then complete online training on your own time.

4. Email SHSM@wcdsb.ca to confirm you’ve completed training
(It may take up to two weeks for it to appear on your SHSM record)


Summer Training

Looking for more training, or have questions?
Contact : SHSM@wcdsb.ca or 519-578-3660 ext. 2549