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If you can no longer attend a session you signed up for, you MUST email shsm@wcdsb.ca
3 school/business days before the training.

Trip privileges may be suspended if you do not follow this procedure.

Semester 1

2 Days – October 9 & 10, 2018
Global Positioning Satellite (GPS), Mapping & Compass Certification
Shades Mill – Grand River Conservation Authority

Locating points on a map and understanding how GPS works is helpful in the tourism field. Not only does it help you to measure and locate objects from a distance, but you will learn about topographical maps, positioning, and how GPS works in this 2 day training session.

You must attend on both days to earn your certification.

Bus departs at 8:25am and returns by 3:50pm
Training time runs from 9:30am-3:00pm

Lunch is provided.
You will earn 1 elective certification.


Semester 2

February 2019 (Date TBD)
Self-Defense Training
Krav Maga, Waterloo

Take this hands-on self defense training with Krav Maga, to learn how to protect and defend your self against others. Perfect training for ALL Justice students!

You will learn proper fighting stance and movements, various kicks from a standing position, and how to defend against common grabs, punches, and headlocks. You will also practice hand-cuffing and scenarios that deal with apprehension of suspects.

What to bring:
– Gym or workout clothes, water bottle, running shoes
(as you will be practicing defensive techniques on the mats)

Lunch is provided.
You will receive 2 certifications towards your SHSM designation

Training runs from 9:30am-1:30pm.

You will earn 2 elective certifications

Online Sign Up Date TBD

March 5, 2019
Law Day: Mock Trial
Waterloo Region Law Association – Kitchener Courthouse

This event is part of the Provincial Law Day project hosted by the Ontario Bar Association. Law Day is a national event celebrating the signing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The mock trial event offers an opportunity to educate and inform students about the role and importance of the law on the justice system in people’s lives.

The mock trial is conducted by real lawyers using real court house staff and is presided over by judges of the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice. Some students will be selected to play the role of jurors. These jurors will be selected from the students attending the event. Some students will also be chosen prior to the event to play the role of witnesses and the accused.

At the end of the mock trial there will be a pizza lunch followed by a question and answer session with members of the local legal profession. We anticipate that there will be lawyers, paralegals, police officers, court staff and judges in attendance to answer questions. This is a great opportunity for students who may be interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession to find out what it is really like!

It is expected that students will have read and are familiar with the material beforehand
COMING SOON – Please view the MOCK TRIAL CASE HERE before you attend

You will earn 2 elective certifications

Online Sign Up Date TBD

March 2019 (Date TBD)
Patient Management, Lifting Techniques & Ethics
Conestoga College, Doon Campus

Students will learn how to manage patients by looking at various topics of monitoring vial signs and transportation and lifting patients with proper body mechanics. Students will be able to get a feel of lifting using a hard board and stretcher/bed into the ambulance.

Legalities governing the profession and ethics will also be examined  (ie dealing with privacy, confidentiality) where students will work in groups to deal with scenarios.

Training runs from 9:00am-2:00pm.

Lunch is provided.
You will receive 3 certifications towards your SHSM designation

Online Sign Up Date TBD

2 DAYS: Wednesdays, April 3 & 10, 2019
Standard First Aid & CPR-C Training
St. John’s Ambulance, Kitchener

Every employer wants to have a safe worker! Take this certification to learn how to assist other’s when in need. Plus, add it to your resume, as it’ll help you find a part time job! After completing this two day training session you will receive 2 certifications in CPR-C and Standard First Aid.

You must attend on both days to earn your certifications!

Training time is from 9:00am-3:30pm on both days

Lunch is provided.
You will earn 2 mandatory certifications

Online Sign Up Opens – March 4

Wednesday, Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Conflict Resolution & Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training
Hotzone Consultants, Cambridge 

If you plan to work with people in the Justice field, then you need to take this training!

Careers in Policing, EMS, Firefighting, and social work can be difficult both physically and mentally. Learn how to diffuse and de-escalate situations, how to deal with individuals who can become disruptive or violent. Mental Wellness & Ethics will also be discussed.
This is an active session, where you will work in groups and roleplay.

Training time is from 9:30am-2:00pm

Lunch is provided.
You will earn 1 mandatory and 2 elective certifications.

Online Sign Up Opens – Mon. March 18

Take training in your OWN time

1. Call St. John’s Ambulance below to set up a training session (you cannot register online if SHSM is to pay for the training).

2. You MUST CALL St. John’s Ambulance (do not register online) to inform them:
– your name & school
– you’re a student of the Specialist High Skills Major program
– you’re a student with the Waterloo Catholic School Board
– you need CPR Level C & Standard First Aid

3. Attend training on the date you selected.
*NOTE: You will be charged a fee if you do not attend

4. St. John’s will invoice the SHSM program. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY, and your training will be listed on your progress report by the end of the summer!


1. Select the online training you’d like to complete from the list below:

2. Email tara.fitzgerald@wcdsb.ca with your:
– Name, school, major and type of training you’d like to take

3. Complete online training on your own time.

4. Email tara.fitzgerald@wcdsb.ca to confirm you’ve completed training
(Tara will then add it to your SHSM record)


Summer Training

Looking for more training, or have questions?
Contact : Tara.Fitzgerald@wcdsb.ca or 519-578-3660 ext. 2549