Arts & Culture: Sector-Recognized Certifications and Training

The SHSM in Arts and Culture requires students to complete:

  • six (6) sector-recognized certifications and/or training courses,
  • of these six (6), three (3) are in areas that are compulsory,
  • the remaining three (3) are to be chosen from the list in the following chart.

These requirements are summarized in the chart below.

Arts and Culture: Sector-Recognized Certifications and Training

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Film in a Day Workshop
TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto

Are you interested in screenwriting, pitching, shot composition, sound, directing and acting? Then start out by learning the basics with an on-set and film industry experience. Students will work with a prosumer level of equipment, and will take on the crew and cast roles themselves, with instructors providing the outline of what each role entails, and ensures the filming unrolls as a professional production would.
Note: Due to time constraints, editing film and lighting techniques are not explored.

Bus departs at 7:15am and will return by 4:25pm.

Lunch is provided

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Makeup for Film
TIFF Bell Lightbox, Toronto

Learn from the experts in the industry on how to use tools and techniques for makeup application for film!
Students will experiment with creating makeup effects from a given script based on a Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy theme.

In the afternoon, you will visit Glow Academy to learn about various careers within the Makeup and Cosmetology industry.

Due to limited spaces, you will be required to explain in a few sentences why you believe this would be helpful to your future career when you click the sign up button.

Bus departs at 7:15am and returns by 4:25pm.

Lunch is provided


CPR Level C

Standard First Aid



advanced training in a technique

advanced training in a technology

advanced training in an art form

advanced training in art therapy

audition preparation

basic electrical safety

Beauty Specialist Certification Program

curatorial techniques

customer service

elevated work platforms

events coordination

fall protection

framing and matting

game design

health and safety

instructor certification

interactive art forms

ladder safety training

leadership skills

lighting and sound equipment maintenance


musical instrument repair

portfolio development

project management

proper lifting & carrying techniques

proposal/grant writing


recording equipment

safe lifting

sector specific software 1

sector specific software 2

stage combat

technical staging

Working at Heights

wrapping and taping for performance and injury