Hospitality and Tourism

Specialist High Skills Major




The Hospitality and Tourism SHSM allows you to focus your secondary school education toward Hospitality and Tourism. The Hospitality and Tourism sector includes all jobs related to planning travel for people as well as providing accomodations and meals. Select this SHSM if you are interested in a career in the hospitality or tourism sector.






















This major is offered at:

St Benedict , Monsignor Doyle, St Marys, St David, Resurrection

Required Components:
  Required Courses Certification and Training Chart
Contextualized Learning Activities (CLAs):
Business BAF3M - Setting Up Business Records
Business BOG4E - Business Ownership
Business BTA3O - E-Business Website
English ENG3U - ISU - Reading - Writing - Interviewing
English ENG 3C - Restaurant Planning and Promotion
Math MEL 3E - Restaurant Math
Science SBI3C - Disease Prevention
Science SBI3U - Eat Well, Live Well
Science SVN3E - Ratatouille Kitchen Safety