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The Energy SHSM allows you to focus your secondary school education on the Energy sector. The Energy sector includes all jobs related to power production and distribution. Select this SHSM if you are interested in an Energy related career.


$7 Billion Investment In Ontario Energy


1700 New Green Energy Jobs In Ontario


Green Collar Careers


Power Line Technician College Program

VIDEO: Ontario's Green Economy - Jobs With A Future


This major is offered at:

St Benedict , St Mary's, Resurrection

Required Components:
  Required Courses Certification and Training Chart
Contextualized Learning Activities (CLAs):

Building An Electric Vehicle (video)

Canadian and World Issues CGW4U - Independent Study
Regional Geography CGG3O - Sustainable Tourism in Developing Countries
Canadian Law CLU3E - Mock Trials - Energy and the Environment
English ENG4U - ISU - Novel Study
Math MBF3CI - Chevy Volt
Science SVN3E - Conserving Energy and Saving You Money